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Legal and legal-adjacent projects in the broader fediverse.

The fediverse is a decentralized network of social platforms that use common protocols to communicate with each other. Users across different platforms can interact, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
The white pages for lawyers and jurists in the fediverse. Legal professionals can be scattered across many Mastodon instances, and Lawstodon offers a way to find, follow, or refer them.
The largest legal and law-adjacent Mastodon instance in the fediverse. Mastodon is often referred to as a decentralized Twitter, offering more privacy and control to its users.
A Matrix server for legal professionals and academics. Matrix is an open-source alternative to Slack and Discord, similar to IRC.
A legal and law-adjacent instance of Lemmy, which is the fediverse equivalent to Reddit, designed for link sharing among professionals.
About is a hub for legal professionals, academics, and enthusiasts who are interested in the decentralized social web. The projects listed here are lovingly (mostly) created and/or maintained by Andrew Leahey and offer various options for engagement, whether you're a seasoned attorney or just curious about the law. All labor is donated, but donations for maintenance and to defray server costs are appreciated. We are present on Patreon as well as:
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